Monday, October 11, 2010

SMART Response - Filling the Gaps

First off, it has been WAY too long for a post.  Something with school starting back really threw me off my game.  So here we are several months later...

I have been using the SMART Response System from Smart Technologies as a way to assist me in data collection for our Literacy By Design theme tests. I have found a great way to scan the theme tests and cut and paste them into the SMART Notebook software to create an assessment.  I essentially leave all of the questions blank and paste over the questions and answers from our scanned theme test.  In SMART Notebook you can tag questions with keywords that you can later see as results in a graph.  See the below screen shots.

Paste the question into Notebook and cover the blank question that was created.

Then all you need to do is select the correct answer and you are done!  No need to type out each question with the answers.  Just cut and paste!
After the students take the assessment I end up with some pretty great charts that can help drive my instruction.

The top graph shows the results by question number.  The bottom graph breaks it down by strategy (thanks to tagging.)

 I can then use this information to evaluate my teaching and the students' learning.  Then our Instructional Assistants and myself can "fill the gaps" by reteaching the skills where the students had trouble.  I love these results!

For more information on SMART Response check out these great resource! 
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