Monday, October 25, 2010

Update: Wallwisher Alternative - Lino

Shortly after my post on my successes using Wallwisher, I ran into a snag. Much like everything else in the edtech world, things can fail AND there is usually an alternative.  Long story short, Wallwisher is apparently getting more traffic than it can handle.  Many times students would go to make a post on the wall, whether at home or at school, and the wall wouldn't load. 

I decided to look for an alternative and I think I have found one!  Lino ( is another collaboration tool similar to Wallwisher, but on steroids.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Multiple color sticky notes
  • Multiple font sizes and colors
  • More room than Wallwisher to post stickies
  • Copy stickies to other walls
  • Send stickies by email
  • Easily post pictures, videos, or attachements
  • Reliable (so far!)
  • Ads - There are ads provided by Google.  So far I haven't seen any ads that have been too questionable, typically I have seen ads for paper products, wedding supplies, etc.  I did however see "Looking for a boyfriend?" linking to a Facebook-esque site, so I am keeping my eye out.  
Overall, Lino is my collaboration tool of choice for now because the students enjoy the choice aspect of posting stickies.  I did however decided to do a little lesson on "making good choices on the internet" and avoiding ads.  If I know my students, they will be the first ones to alert me to any questionable ad, so I think we will be good!  Check on a newly created Lino Wall as a reader's response activity.

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